Ring the bell.
Get out alive.

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The Game

The Escape Bus - Firewall Game

In the old days, coffins had bells, so their occupants could ring them in case they weren't dead.

Now, you've been buried alive - by mistake! Can you solve the puzzles and find a way to ring the bell so the gravedigger hears you? Or will you suffocate and be feasted on by maggots six feet under the ground?

Deadringers is an immersive escape game unlike any other and the only one of its kind in the United States.

There are two identical coffins, with identical puzzles. You and a friend, in separate coffins, race to see who can escape first within the 12-minute time limit.

The Coffins

Bringing escape games out of a room and into a coffin.

Each technically-advanced coffin is custom built and engineered by the creators of the Escape Bus, and while we want you to feel "buried alive," the coffins are comfortable, ventilated, and feature state-of-the-art lighting and sound effects. Each coffin is more than 7ft tall and nearly 3ft wide, making it more spacious than your average casket.


No, you can open the lid at any time by pressing the emergency button, and it will end the experience.
Deadringers is a unique escape game that is designed for ONE person, but you can compete against a friend who would be playing in a separate coffin at the exact same time.
Feel free to book multiple timeslots in succession. Since the game is only 12-minutes long, it's fun to wait and see how your friends fare after you.
This is a monitored, controlled environment where the goal is to use your mental powers to escape. This is not a haunted house, and there are no jump scares. But ... we are simulating burying you alive, so there's that.
The game is 15-minutes long, and the cost ranges from $15-$19 depending on the time you select.
You don't need to wear anything special to play. Comfortable clothing is suggested. We will ask you to remove your shoes before entering the coffin.
You don't need to bring anything special.
We will not take your personal belongings, but we will ask you not to use your phone inside the game.