Are we really locked in a bus?

No, you can exit the game at any time through the emergency exit, and it will end the experience.

Will other people be on the bus with us?

Nope, you are booking us for your own private party!

Where are you located?

The Escape Bus is based in Orange County but we drive all over Southern California. After all, we're mobile!

How difficult is the game?

We are able to adjust the difficulty based on the customers playing. For younger kids, we provide the simplest version possible and a gamemaster will be inside the bus with them to provide extra help. For adults, our standard version of the game should be considered "medium."

What is the cost to play?

Please click the "Book Now" button to receive a full quote.

What is the age range?

Our general recommended minimum is 10 years old, but we have done parties and school events for younger kids. Please inquire if you have children younger who would like to play.

Is it scary?

Grand Theft Galaxy inside The Escape Bus is not horror-themed, and it is not a "haunted house." The experience is meant to be mysterious, exciting, and intriguing, but not scary.

Will I be locked in a tight space?

No, we do not lock you in a tight space, but you can end the experience any time if you are uncomfortable.

How many people can fit in the bus at one time?

The game can accommodate up 5 adults up to 6 kids. The ideal group size is generally 4 players.

How long is the game?

The standard length of Grand Theft Galaxy is 40 minutes. We also offer a shortened 20-minute version of the game for larger events.

What do we need to bring?

You do not need to bring anything special to enjoy The Escape Bus.

What should we wear?

We suggest wearing comfortable, breathable clothes and closed-toed shoes.

Can I bring my phone inside?

We will not take your cell phone or personal items before entering the bus unless you would like us to. But we strongly advise against using your phone during the game.

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