Grand Theft Galaxy

The year is 2783

This is not your average bus. This is a multiverse shipping freighter, docked  at a galactic truck stop to refuel.

While the pilot is getting a snack, the freighter is unprotected, which is exactly when your team can break in to steal a precious piece of cargo - the power sphere. Our Intel says it's not in a microshipment cube - but in another dimension somewhere else in the truck.

Get in, travel to the correct dimension, steal the power sphere, and fly home!

In this brand new experience from Breach Escape Games and The Escape Bus, what's possible inside an escape room is reimagined. Modern technology, Hollywood set design, and immersive lighting and sound are blended together to create a game unlike any you've ever experienced ... inside a most uncommon vessel.

Grand Theft Galaxy can hold up to six players per session. Groups will rotate through the experience until everyone has played, perhaps with an added friendly competition to see which team escapes the fastest! We offer a 20-minute experience and a 40-minute experience depending on your number of attendees, budget, and time availability.

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